Debris a Concern

There was much activity around the Guanabara Bay on Monday when the Rio sailing races were about to start. For instance, there had been three separate camps set up for training by the Americans at Rio. The camps were set up in the consecutive months of May to July. The camps were planned in a way that the tidal cycles would be similar at the time when the races would be on. This was done to ensure that the coaches and the teams would experience similar environment as would be when the races begin.

The media might have hyped about the garbage in the waters, but that was not much of a concern by the time the first teams hit the water on Monday. However the sailors did face the problem of natural debris. For instance Flavia Tartaglini in the windsurfing category had to clear off a branch that got in the way while she was in the middle of her race. There were ecoboats that were patrolling the waters, picking up debris and clearing the same. Continue reading Debris a Concern