Safety Precaution Deterred Big Accident

An accident happened at a Maryland sailing club were about 24 people fell into cold water.

Though, none of them has any major injury as the rescue team came on time and saved all of them. MSC says they are grateful that no one has been hurt in the accident.

In addition to on-time arrival of the rescue team at the accident point other things that protected participating sailors from damage is a safety precaution. All sailors were experienced and they adopted all safety measures before going in the water.

Captain of Fleet Dorian Haldeman said, “When we fell down, we took all the safety, we kept holding the boat and prayed that the wind should die.”

She narrated how she fell into water, she said. She was 1 of 22 people who were on board at the time of sailboat race. Suddenly the wind started and the speed of the wind was approximately 40-miles/hr. First, it flipped a 14-foot vessel and it seems like it has flipped a domino and left the sailor at nature’s mercy.” Continue reading Safety Precaution Deterred Big Accident