Security Preparations For America’s Cup

As there are about 25 days left in the 35th America’s Cup to start off, preparations are on at full hilt and contingencies as well as plans are being fine tuned.

There had been an emergency operation held on 1st of April as Exercise Joint Venture. There was also a comprehensive meeting that went on all day on April 28th. These meetings were to ensure that all security and safety protocols were in place for the America’s Cup 35th edition to commence. The meeting that was held recently had members of the Ministry of National Security as well as the Joint Agency Command Center.

Government agencies and departments were also represented at the meeting such as the Bermuda Police Service, ACEA, Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, ACBDA, Government House, Department of Health, US Consulate and others who had a relevant part in the forthcoming events and planning of the same.

Indeed, there was an emergency planning done with discussions held with the Minister of National Security who stressed that it was critical that the region be ready for any emergency that might arise during the month long series of races and events that would take place as part of the 35th America’s Cup edition.

The preparations are also to ensure that the event is seen as an amazing and unforgettable event for the participants, locals and visitors who would come to witness the events. Hence, security is a large part of ensuring a pleasant and unforgettable experience for all. Hence, all relevant departments like hospitals, fire service, police and others are coming together to ensure that all plans are in place and would work in a smooth manner. Many stated that it is great to see the government agencies and organizations working in tandem to ensure that the America’s Cup is run successfully as well as all are engaged to ensure a well run event.